Summary: Nagi is an ordinary highschool student who wants to live life the way he wants. But strange things start to happen and he's caught in the middle of it all. Life has just become a little more chaotic.

---Why does this comic look like Bleach? You have to realize I'm a big fan of Kubo. I've been stuck on his stuff for so long most of my artwork looks like his.
---Why are you obsessed with chihuahuas? I just wanted a fuzzy creature in Streak, but cats and rabbits were used too much in other stories. I just pulled this one out by random and stuck to it.
---How did you come up with the story? Slow and painfully. Actually, there were several different possible stories that I already had but I stuck to the one with the big blades (just cuz they're cool). Basically, most of which involved brainstorming ideas and putting the ones that seemed to go well with one another together. At the beginning there was no point in naming the comic Streak (some of you probably remember that with cow cat---don't look for it, I took it down). So I just brainstormed ideas to give a purpose to the title. Then there was a big blank after that and then the rest of the story hit me in one day, which included the page with the history in chapter one and onwards (don't ask how that happened...I don't know either).
---Are you winging this comic? Yes and no. Like I said I already have the rest of the story all the way up to the end. The dialogue is what I usually come up with on the spot unless it's a long speech, then I'd write it out before making the page.
---When does it update? Weekly I hope. Right now I'm aiming to shoot out pages on Saturdays, but it's never a guarantee. Sometimes I get caught up in other stuff and I might not update at all.


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