Nagi: He's our star. Always wondering why he can't have a normal life. He basically has a special ability that allows him to see practically anything, which gets him into a lot of trouble later on.

Andrea: Nagi's evil older *coughs*. She's very manipulative and enjoys blackmailing people. She seems to enjoy torturing Nagi, but she's over-protective of him when other people are involved.

Lisa: The other older *coughs*. She always tries to calm people down. And with Andrea, she tries to steer her to be nicer. You also see her doing a lot of house chores...hmm...

Mike: He claims that he's after Nagi because he hasn't beaten him yet at anything. He's obsessed with using points wherever he can. He'll do anything to get in the action.

Seifer: Our walking talking very cheery encyclopedia. His mission is to find Streak.

Rin: A hunter, also our weapons junky. She's a shy person but she's always willing to jump into battles and getting her duties done.

Stick Chihuahua: It has a bio too! It usually mimics Seifer. Also, there is something very strange about this dog...keep reading Streak to find out.

Typhon: He's frutier than a fruit cake! ^_^ Actually...he's quite scary... He's often seen traveling with Reed.

Reed (aka Blue): He's the most serious character in the story. He seems to know more than everyone else, including Seifer.

Precia: Nagi's friend when he was a kid. She has a short temper, but she can also be very sweet.

Pic: ???
Kolei: She'll do anything as long as she has fun in the process. But she's also very emotional sometimes.

Hashi: She's one of those out of the way types that seems to get involved in everything.

Nobuei: He's a very dedicated person...very very dedicated.

Region: He's a part of the Executioner Hunter Team. He's a bit snobbish and is not exactly the type of person you want to be around.

Others...bios won't come out until we reach these characters

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Pic: ???

Probably more to come later. But for now these are the characters that will definitely show.